Inventors Brett Mazurek, Noah Becker and Austin Davis are the creators of Surf Stash. Brett is a director in the entertainment industry, Austin is a materials science engineer and Noah is a music producer. They came up with this invention while on a weekend surf trip. Out of necessity, Noah was looking for a new hide a key to stash his new smart key because his old hide a key was worn out and too small. After checking every store in the area for a hide a key that would fit his new smart key and coming up empty, the idea for Surf Stash was born.

The purpose of the unit is it accomplishes a simple goal, to hide your car keys or car alarm remote safely when you go surfing. Being avid surfers for over twenty five years, the inventors understand the simple necessities of a surfer’s life. Good waves, good friends and safe adventures. The worst thing that can happen after an epic day of surfing with your friends is to come back to your car and find it’s been broken into or stolen. The creators of Surf Stash want to help every surfer around the world keep their cars, possessions and lifestyle safe and ready for their next surf trip. The problem with older style hide a keys is that they do not fit 2011 style smart keys. The Surf Stash solves this problem. The Surf Stash’s compartment is large enough to fit every size smart key on the market and helps keep surfer’s keys safely hidden while they are away from their cars. The Surf Stash provides a larger, more user friendly compartment than current hide a key models now available on the market. It can be used by people of all ages and is especially designed for use by surfers and beach goers.

The present invention is constructed using a high density polyethylene, a similar polymer or recycled plastic. The Surf Stash is uniquely designed in the shape of a surf board. The Surf Stash is made by having two separate pieces that connect in the middle leaving a large compartment in the middle that can be used to stash keys, money, etc. It has a magnet on one side that can be used to attach it to any metal object like a car’s bumper or wheel well. The other side is for the user to design to their liking. It can be used to display stickers with graphics or used as a promotional item for companies that want to promote their company logo or other products. The Surf Stash can be produced very inexpensively and appeals to people of any age all over the world.

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