New Product Consulting

New Product Consulting is the consulting, research, design and development arm of a group of independent professionals that help product developers, inventors and entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their new product or start up goals. Using the collaboration business model we work closely with a network of independent professionals including graphic designers, independent registered patent and trademark professionals, engineers, industrial designers, prototyping companies, app developers, product consultants, marketing experts and licensing professionals that can help with all aspects of product development, intellectual property, general consulting, marketing, licensing, and more. Whether you want to build and launch a new business or pursue bringing a new product to market our network of professionals have the experience to help!

Mission Statement

The primary goal of New Product Consulting is to assist product developers, inventors and entrepreneurs with their new ideas for products and services. Everything starts as an idea in someone’s mind. It takes experience, vision, and ambition to see it realized.  Our Mission, is to use our expertise to bring Dreams to Reality