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Natural First Look

Natural First Look is a manufacturer of innovative lines of proprietary muscles rejuvenation and beauty systems. Our goal is to provide natural, chemical-free, and effective solutions that women [and men] need to maintain a great appearance within the reach of everyone.

In 2007, in a small beautiful city of Camarillo, CA, we developed the Ayeir's natural facelift that delivers impressive results and is superior to cosmetic surgery, and there are no downtimes. Ayeir's was patented and in the following year the TarlEl's systems were developed and were subsequently awarded US patents.

Beverage Buddie

Recently picked up by QVC!

When the weather turns cold but there’s still tailgating to be done, the Beverage Buddie Glove is just what you need! This patented glove features a fleece top and lining that insulates your hand, blocking out the wind and cold while insulating the warmth of your hand. The velcro wrist ensures no heat escapes and keeps the glove snug on your hand.

Protein Pods

  • Dissolves in water
  • Works in a Protein Shaker or Blender
  • Protein Pods contain a variety of flavors and nutritional, muscle building blends
  • Compact and Portable
  • No need to pre-portion out powders for your workouts
  • No need to take bulky Protein Canisters with you in your gym bag
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use.

Driveway Heat

No More Icy Driveways

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows about shoveling driveways and walkways, laying down salt, slipping on ice and trying to pull the car up into a slick driveway after a fresh snow. The first snow of the season can be fun, and after that, it quickly becomes a chore.

Halo U

Halo U allows you to connect in person, projecting your image into the air in real time. Make a big impression over big distances and close the gap between you and your audience.