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New Product Consulting has another product accepted into Walmart

Congratulations to our clients and the creators of the Natural First Look product! After teaming up with the marketing department at New Product Consulting a couple of months ago their product has already been accepted by Walmart for their drop ship program. We are looking forward to getting things setup with Walmart and getting this product ready for their customers! If you are interested in purchasing Natural First Look directly from their website please visit them at: https://www.naturalfirstlook.com/ Congrats again [...]

New App for Fishing

New Product Consulting would like to congratulate Mike B. on his new fishing app that recently launched in the app store. Hooked On Sport Fishing is the latest ocean sport fishing game that offers players an exciting, life-like fishing experience. Designed by a saltwater fisherman with twenty years of fishing experience, Hooked On Sport Fishing will appeal to both seasoned pros and novices learning how to fish. Now everyone can enjoy an authentic saltwater sport fishing experience day or night! [...]

New Product Consulting is proud to announce Lock Buddy 101 To Keep Children Safe In Schools!

Lock Buddy 101 has recently launched to an overwhelming response. Close to 1000 units are already being used in schools around the USA. The patents and trademarks have been applied for, and it is ready for sale. This product is already on it's way to being the next big safety device helping to keep children and teachers safer in schools. LockBuddy 101 is a device that is a slide release that is attached to a door frame keeping the door [...]

Reading Service For Kids Strikes a Deal On Shark Tank!

On Shark Tank last Friday, Felix Brandon Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey pitched their company called ZooBean. ZooBean is a children’s book platform and service that connects the right books with the right children. Felix and Jordan asked for $250,000 for 15% equity in their company. Both Felix and Jordan were teachers before they left their jobs to work on ZooBean full time. They came up with the idea to curate apps and books for individual child. This encourages literacy [...]

Ilumi Solutions Lights Up Shark Tank!

Last Friday on Shark Tank, Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora pitched their company, Ilumi Solutions. Their product is intelligent LED light bulbs which can be controlled from a wireless device. They asked the Sharks for $350,000 for 15% equity in their company. Cory and Swapnil stated to the Sharks that they are in the final stages of development. They created a light bulb that cost $90 but it lasts up to 20 years. This system allows you to control all [...]

The Sharks Strike A Deal For U-Lace!

Tim Talley walked into Shark Tank last Friday to pitch his product and company, U-Lace. This product allows people to change the complete style of sneakers with lace colors to change patterns and styles. U-Lace began with a single product, U-Lace Sneaker Customizing Laces, but the brand is on course to become so much more. Tim was asking the Sharks for $200,000 and a 25% stake in his company. Tim gave a pair to each of the Sharks. They sell [...]

One Shark Eats Up A Breakfast Brand On Shark Tank!

The shark tank Last Friday, Erica Barrett walked into Shark Tank to pitch her business “Southern Culture Artisan Foods,” a breakfast lifestyle brand. Her product is  a pancake and waffle mix. She uses organic, all natural ingredients. Erica asked the Sharks for $100,000 for 25% equity in her company. She made $100,000 in sales in the first year.  Her gourmet gift packs are available in T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Whole Foods and QVC. Erica created a brand dedicated to [...]

Two Sharks Cough Up Dough For Cookie Dough Cafe!

Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid, entrepreneurs and sisters, walked into Shark Tank to pitch their product and company, Cookie Dough Café. They asked the Sharks for a $50,000 investment for 20% equity in their company. The Cookie Dough Cafe is cookie dough that you can eat straight out of the container. No more are the days of having to bake cookie dough or eat it raw which is bad for you. It is gourmet cookie dough that is made to [...]

A Shark Makes a Deal With Freshly Picked!

Susan Peterson walked into Shark Tank to pitch her business “Freshly Picked.” Her product features baby moccasin shoes which are stylish and comfortable. She asked the Sharks for $150,000 to get 10% equity in her company. The Sharks sat forward when Susan told them she made $500,000 last year. Then she told them how she had worked hard one summer to buy the material to make 40 pairs of shoes which started the company. She encompasses the true spirit of [...]

Lockerbones Locks up a Deal on Shark Tank!

Last Friday on Shark Tank was pretty exciting. Two fathers, Greg and Stephen, created an innovative product to keep student lockers organized. They own and operate LockerBones, which the product will be an instant success on Shark Tank. Lockerbones organizers divided lockers up into storage boxes for all the necessary things a student needs in their locker. Students can customize the space for large binders and various sized books, as well as make compartments for smaller items. Vertical dividers keep [...]

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