The first time Kim Nelson’s, Daisy Cakes, appeared on “Shark Tank” her website crashed due to the overwhelming sales volume. That is how potential online sales can be after a certain level of exposure.

During season 2, Barbra Corcoran agreed to hand over $50,000 to Kim and her cake-making business out of Spartanburg, S.C. Although she had to give up 25 percent of her company’s equity in the process, she came away with funding, instant notoriety and a ton of online orders.

The latest episode of “Shark Tank” on Friday March 3rd, featured an update on Kim and her Daisy Cakes. She reported, “Our Company went from 500 cakes a year to 100,000 in sales a month. Because of this, I had to find a larger bakery.” Now, instead of baking 8 cakes at a time she bakes 160. If you would like to buy one of Kim’s Daisy Cakes, please click here.

What’s more, Barbara says Kim and Daisy Cakes is her best investment on the show to date. “Daisy Cakes has been selling over 10,000 cakes a week from the day she appeared on the show. Prior to that, she had sold roughly 1,000 cakes over two years.”

Kim is on her way to her first million by doing what she loves, baking fresh cakes. If you or anyone you know has a great idea and would like help applying for Shark Tank, please contact us at New Product Consulting.