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Charlie Sheen is not just an actor he is also an inventor. That’s right, Charlie Sheen invented and patented (US Utility Patent #6,283,658) a dispenser for chapstick, which he claims he thought up while spending too much time in rehab.

The ingenious little device has a built in window that reveals how much lip balm is left in the tube. Charlie Sheen is one of two named inventors of U.S. 6,283,658 entitled “Chapstick Dispensing Apparatus,” which issued in 2001.  The patent is assigned to Masheen, Inc. of Los Angeles.

Dr. C. D. Fleet, a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick or lip balm in the early 1880s. Fleet made the first Chapstick himself that resembled a small wickless candle wrapped in tin foil. He ended up selling his recipe to John Morton in 1912 for five dollars after failing to sell enough of the product to make it worth his continued efforts. Big mistake.

Don’t expect to see Mr. Sheen’s product on the market anytime soon as there are a few patent issues they still need to work out. This goes to show you, people in all walks of life can become an inventor if they have a good idea. If you or anyone you know has a good idea and needs help, please contact us at New Product Consulting.