New Product Consulting is looking for great new Tool and Hardware ideas!

The National Hardware Show is taking place May 1st-May 3rd, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The main focus will be on home improvement and DIY markets which account for $343 billion in sales. This will be the place for sourcing, trading and learning about products sold for the home.  More than 25,000 industry professionals […] Read More

New Benefits for Inventors at Tradeshows

The era of “open innovation” is right now for inventors around the world. A time when a majority of companies are allowing independent inventors to submit their inventions. No one wants to miss your next “big” idea. This reasoning is creating a shift in the dynamics for inventors at tradeshows. The paradigm shift is opening […] Read More

Some of the most popular products on the market today have come from independent inventors!

Some of the best ideas and inventions in the world were created by normal ordinary people. These independent inventors decided to figure out how to take an idea out of their head and show it to the world. In 1992, a man, by the name of Ron Druben, watched a couple kids play in the […] Read More