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Coffee Cooling Invention a hit on Shark Tank!

Coffee Joulies Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson walked into Shark Tank to pitch their recent coffee cooling innovation. They asked for $150,000 for 5% equity of their company, making their company evaluation $3 million. Their invention is, Coffee Joulies, a stainless-steel bean filled with a "proprietary phase-change material" that instantly cools coffee to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and then keeps it at that temperature for hours. The Dave’s presented the Sharks with thermoses filled with coffee and Coffee Joulies. [...]

New Product Consulting announces the OMG Biscotti!

The gourmet dessert biscotti cookies are softer than your normal biscotti and not just limited to coffee time. The OMG Biscotti come in many delicious flavors including Lemon with White Chocolate drizzled on top, Chocolate Chunk Snickerdoodle, Peanutbutter Cup, Pecan Tassie, Blueberry Buckle and Almond Brownie Overload. The treats are a perfect item to be offered in restaurants as a dessert or breakfast option for coffee drinkers. They can also be a coffee house product at locations like Starbucks. OMG [...]