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Little Tackle

Little Tackle

Lightweight. Durable. Convenient. Take your tackle with you anywhere without the weight!



Ultra light.
Little Tackle offers a lightweight, portable alternative to heavy fishing tackle boxes and fishing vests. Save your back from the strain of bending over to retrieve hooks and sinkers out of a tackle box. Protect your neck from the weight of carrying a loaded fishing vest. Enjoy fishing without the aches and pains!


Tough and reliable.
Little Tackle is a double-sided twist top container that will securely store your fishing hooks and sinkers no matter where you go. The tough plastic lids won’t break or come loose even when dropped or thrown.

Little Tackle keeps everything you need at your fingertips. Simply hook Little Tackle onto your keychain and stash all your fishing essentials in your pocket. It’s the perfect portable solution for travel, camping, backpacking, hiking, day trips, or just a quick stop past the lake.

Add Little Tackle to your keychain today!
Little Tackle is a small keychain container you can attach to your belt loop or keychain. This convenient, double-sided storage container allows you to store small items with ease, including fishing tackle, pills or medicine, money, jewelry, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Product Info

Why Little Tackle?
Little Tackle is a convenient storage container for all your small necessities. Attach Little Tackle to your keychain, belt loop, or zipper and safely stash all your important items. Carry everything you need and keep it lightweight!

Make fishing more fun.
Fishing can be hard on the body. It’s especially tough for someone with a bad back to carry the weight of a loaded fishing vest or bend over to retrieve hooks and sinkers out of a tackle box. Meanwhile, heavy fishing vests can strain your neck and weigh on you over the course of a day. With Little Tackle, you can store hooks and sinkers close to you for easier access and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing without the aches and pains.

Easily take Little Tackle wherever you go.

Simply clip Little Tackle to your keychain to keep your fishing tackle at your fingertips. The two different color lids make it easy to remember what is stored where and keeps confusion at bay. Fishing is more fun with Little Tackle!

Storage to fit all your needs.
Little Tackle is the perfect size to store all your small necessities. Not going fishing? No problem. Little Tackle can handle all your important items, from keys and coins to pills, rings, earbuds, first aid items and more! Stash everything you need and keep it at your fingertips.


Detailed Specs and Features

Add Little Tackle to your keychain today!
Easy to use and packed with features and benefits:
• Durable and lightweight design
• Safely store small items such as fishing tackle, pills or medicine, jewelry, money, candy and more
• Perfect size for travel, camping, fishing, hiking, bike riding, and more
• Quickly and securely attach to keychains, belt loops, or zippers
• Multiple color combinations

• 1/2″ cup depth
• 1 5/8″ inside diameter
• 1 13/16″ Outside Diameter
• 3/16″ walls with 3/32″ threads



Our Story
Shawn has been fishing his whole life. Several years ago, he was disabled and started to have increasing difficulty managing his fishing tackle. Fishing vests were no longer a good option as the weight can become a literal pain in the neck, while bending over a tackle box strains the back. He began to think of ways that he could continue to enjoy his favorite sport and also make handling small items easier for everyone, leading to the development of Little Tackle. Little Tackle is a lightweight, convenient solution to make in-stream fishing easier, keeping your lures and sinkers on hand mid-stream without the hassle of an overloaded fishing vest.

Since developing the initial design, the Little Tackle team has found many alternative uses for this handy device, from keeping pills and vitamins separate and contained, to securely storing loose change and small jewelry, to providing a portable container for earbuds, first aid kits and more.


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