The economy can’t stop the Chord Buddy, an invention that hit it big overnight. Inventor Travis Perry‘s main goal was to create a device to teach his daughter how to play guitar. His next goal was to create more jobs in the United States and will be handling all of the manufacturing here.

The Chord Buddy is a device that can help anyone play the guitar. It fits over the strings with buttons you hit to play a chord. Travis appeared on “Shark Tank” on Feb. 3rd where Robert Herjavec a “Shark” played Amazing Grace with the help of Travis.

4 out of 5 of the “Sharks” made an offer to propel the Chord Buddy to the next level. Yet, Travis bonded with Robert over guitars, daughters and being rednecks from different countries which made the decision easier after Robert added 50,000 on top of 125,000 to do an infomercial.

After the show, New Product Consulting ordered the Chord Buddy and received an email from Travis. This is what he had to say, “I want to thank everyone for the amazing response we have received as a result of our “Shark Tank” appearance. The response has been so overwhelming that our voicemail is still full of messages that we haven’t had time to respond to. Alicia, our Accounting and Shipping Manager, has over 5,000 unopened emails in her inbox that she hasn’t been able to answer. Last week, we had 5 full and part-time staff members that handled normally a maximum volume of 100 shipments per day. Going from 100 orders per day to several hundred per hour has literally overwhelmed our website. “

Travis received an ample amount of exposure on the Chord Buddy for appearing on “Shark Tank.” If you would like to learn the guitar and purchase the Chord Buddy, please click here. Congratulations to Travis and the Chord Buddy for all their future success. If you or anyone you know has a great invention or idea and would like help applying for “Shark Tank,” please contact us at New Product Consulting.