What is a sell sheet?

Sell sheets are one page product information sheets that present your product or service in an attractive light.  These sheets can be used to communicate the benefits of your idea to a prospective buyer or investor.   Several very concrete truths exist about bringing a product to the marketplace. You must sell benefits. And you must present your idea in a professional manner.

I was recently talking with an investor friend of mine about the importance of sell sheets.  He was telling me he is often contacted by inventors and product developers about investing in their new ideas but they have nothing to show except for a brief idea scribbled on a couple of sheets of paper.  Nothing will turn a buyer off faster than a poor presentation.  This is where sell sheets come in handy!

They don’t brag about how a product is going to sell millions and they don’t discuss how to move forward with an idea. They simply lay out, in simple terms, the benefits of an idea. Because if the benefits of an idea are clearly identified and those benefits are strong, they speak volumes. They practically shout at the potential licensee, “You need me! You want me. You can’t do without me!” And most importantly of all, “You can sell me to your customers!”

Presentation is everything!  You can have the best idea in the world but if you send it in on a cocktail napkin people aren’t going to take you seriously.  This is where New Product Consulting can help you.  We have been working with inventors and entrepreneurs to develop professional presentations for invention ideas for over ten years now.  We can help you outline the benefits of your invention in a way that will catch the eye of prospective buyers.  Our designers are familiar with the type of materials that will help your invention stand out from the other ideas that companies are receiving on a daily basis. 

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