Don’t miss the Independent Inventors Conference!

The Texas Regional Independent Inventors Conference will be held September 14-15at the University of Texas at Austin in the Thompson Conference Center.  Join your fellow inventors to meet and network with other creative colleagues. USPTO officials, Supervisory Patent Examiners and Trademark staff attorneys will conduct presentations and workshops.  Some of the focal points will be […] Read More

As an Inventor do you need a Prototype?

Not many people know this but before the 1880’s every inventor had to present a working model or prototype to the patent office. This was the beginning steps for the patent application. Today it is not necessary to have a prototype to patent, sell or license your idea. There are however many advantages to prototypes. […] Read More

Today is World Intellectual Property Day!

The tradition started in 1970 on April 26th by the W.I.P.O. (World Intellectual Property Organization) to celebrate innovation and creativity. They thought a day should be established to focus on visionary innovators whose ideas have shaped our history. World Intellectual Property Day is a great opportunity to generate public and media interest in issues relating […] Read More