Innovation World Cup is Open!

Do you have an idea or invention for the following categories in Wearable Technologies? Sports & Fitness, Healthcare & Wellness, Security & Prevention, Gaming & Lifestyle. Benefit from this booming market in multiple ways by entering. From June 1st to November 30th, the Innovation World Cup is accepting submissions for their contest. There are prizes […] Read More

Attention Inventors: Submit to the Innovation World Cup 2012

How would you like to win $5,000 and have an opportunity to present your innovation at the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich? The Innovation World Cup 2012 is focusing on new Wearable Technologies in Sports&Fitness, Healthcare&Wellness, Security&Prevention and Gaming&Lifestyle. The deadline to enter is the end of the month. Wearable Technologies (WT) is any electronic […] Read More

Attention Inventors, submit to the Philip’s Innovation Open!

Philip’s Innovation Open is a great way to get your inventions in front of the right people. They know that amazing ideas can come from anyone, anywhere in the world. The final deadline for entries is the 28th of October, 2012. During this event, finalists will be invited to present their idea to Philip’s executives. […] Read More

Today is World Intellectual Property Day!

The tradition started in 1970 on April 26th by the W.I.P.O. (World Intellectual Property Organization) to celebrate innovation and creativity. They thought a day should be established to focus on visionary innovators whose ideas have shaped our history. World Intellectual Property Day is a great opportunity to generate public and media interest in issues relating […] Read More