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Great New Product – PHONEGUARD!

PhoneGuard, who recently secured Justin Bieber (Video below) as a spokesman, is a great product that pertains to a new smart phone application suite that helps prevent distracted driving while offering unparalleled levels of safety, security and connectivity. This is ideal for parents to monitor and help facilitate their teen’s safety while they’re driving alone or with friends in the car. The new product suite features Text Block, which uses global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking to disable keyboard functionality once a [...]

New Product Consulting Launches The Glove Detector

Inventor Kim C. of Missouri works in a restaurant where she comes into contact with germs and bacteria on a regular basis.  She developed, The Glove Detector, after thinking very often about the cleaning aspect of her job.  Kim believes this concept will help make the cleaning industry more safe for workers. The Glove Detector makes the environment more safe for workers and others who are in the area.  It lets users and those around the area know that potentially harmful bacteria has been [...]

Do You Want To Sell Your Product On QVC?

Many inventors approach New Product Consulting about helping to get their new product on HSN or QVC.  Here is some useful information to know about approaching them with your new product idea. Over the past 15 years, TV shopping networks have exploded onto the retail scene, offering viewers an interactive shopping experience without ever having to leave their living rooms. It's proven to be an extremely successful formula, creating loyal, consistent customers (who are primarily female) who relish the products [...]