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David Hibler and Tyler Galganski, from Brookfield, Wis., have been friends since childhood. They wanted to start a small business together and took the leap in 2009. Hibler ordered an adult onesie. He found it lacking and not comfortable for an adult onesie. Both gave up their jobs and launched their online business called Forever Lazy -- a line of fleece one-piece footless adult pajamas. "We saw how well Snuggie did. So we had a shot," said Galganski. The buzz [...]

Even the best inventions don’t get to the market OVERNIGHT.

In any industry around the world it takes time to get a new invention to the market. Some inventors license their inventions to other companies and some bring the product to market themselves, but in both cases, it takes time. The invention business is not a get rich quick overnight scheme.  If one company says no to your invention then just keep going.  Persistence pays off! At New Product Consulting we help in all aspects of the industry. We can [...]

New Product Consulting Client Attends Shark Tank Casting Call

New Product Consulting would like to wish lots of luck to one of our clients, Curtis B. of Texas, as he attends the casting call for Shark Tank this weekend to try for a spot on the show.  We have spent all week preparing Curtis for this opportunity.  Good Luck Curtis!  We know you will do great! Shark Tank is a reality television series that premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009.   The series stars five "Sharks"—multi-millionaire business tycoons—who hear investment proposals [...]

New Product Consulting Launches The Glove Detector

Inventor Kim C. of Missouri works in a restaurant where she comes into contact with germs and bacteria on a regular basis.  She developed, The Glove Detector, after thinking very often about the cleaning aspect of her job.  Kim believes this concept will help make the cleaning industry more safe for workers. The Glove Detector makes the environment more safe for workers and others who are in the area.  It lets users and those around the area know that potentially harmful bacteria has been [...]

New Product Consulting Submits The Glove Detector to Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality television series that premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009.   The series stars five "Sharks"—multi-millionaire business tycoons—who hear investment proposals from entrepreneurs/inventors and consider whether to invest in the business ideas. Shark Tank is a great opportunity for inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs.  They have access to millions of dollars in capital that can help take an idea from concept to success.  After much research New Product Consulting has developed a very professional approach to [...]

New Product Consulting Links With Home Shopping Network

New Product Consulting is happy to announce we have recently linked up with the Home Shopping Network to bring inventions and new products to the market.  After much work on behalf of our professionals we now have our foot in the door with a major buyer and product scout from the Home Shopping Network. HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI) is a $3 billion interactive multi-channel retailer with strong direct-to-consumer expertise and operates two business segments, HSN and Cornerstone. HSNi offers an [...]

Helpful Hints On Selling Your Invention Idea

No matter whether you are selling an invention to a manufacturer or a product to a buyer, there are a few simple tips that will help you increase your chances of success. Number One - Know Your Competition Your situation is that you have a new invention idea and you want to know the best way to proceed forward with the idea.  One very important step is to know your competition.  Before you do anything else, check and see if anyone out [...]

How To Protect Your Invention Idea For Free

A common question I get from inventors on a daily basis is, how do I protect my idea before I have a chance to file the patent? Should I mail the idea to myself in a sealed stamped envelope?  The answer is no. The best way to go about protecting your invention idea before you move into the patent process is to record your ideas in an inventor's journal or notebook. In the United States, unlike some other countries, the person [...]

Did You Know You Can Get A Tax Deduction For Your Invention?

Here at New Product Consulting we are always on the lookout for anything that can benefit our clients.  Below is some information on getting a tax deduction for the research and development of your invention. Research & Development expenditures generally include all expenditures incident to the development or improvement of a product.  R&D expenditures include the expenditures of obtaining a patent, such as attorney's fees expended in making and perfecting a patent application. Here's more from the IRS website: The [...]

New Product Consulting Launches The Sila Pouch for New Moms

New Product Consulting has recently launched "The Sila Pouch" to the market.  Inventor Kristina R. of Montana is a mother who has developed and/or created a new product invention. The inspiration for this invention came from the inventor's everyday activities dealing with her child.  It allows a mother to carry wetwipes and diapers in a single unit while keeping wetwipes moist and easily accessible. The unit consists of two separate compartments.  The first compartment consists of a pocket with an elastic [...]

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