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New Product Consulting is pleased to announce the Ultimate Abs Roller!

Congrats to the inventor, Mihail, for testing and making his own product. The idea came from years of working out and not getting the results that he wanted. After making his own prototype, Mihail finally got the results he was looking for in his new creation. This unique product is ideal for those who are seeking a new type of Abs workout. Check it out on: YouTube All Exercisers-Demonstration Of My Patent Pending Inventions Congratulations Mihail on your new invention! [...]

What are companies looking for in a new invention idea?

Companies have a small checklist of criteria when it comes to a new invention.  First and foremost, the invention must fit with their product line in terms of functionality, target market, design, quality, and profitability.  In general, companies ask the following questions about the invention: Will it make a profit? Companies want new inventions that will financially benefit their company. Plain and simple, they want to know how much money it will generate. Is it patented or has a patent pending? [...]


David Hibler and Tyler Galganski, from Brookfield, Wis., have been friends since childhood. They wanted to start a small business together and took the leap in 2009. Hibler ordered an adult onesie. He found it lacking and not comfortable for an adult onesie. Both gave up their jobs and launched their online business called Forever Lazy -- a line of fleece one-piece footless adult pajamas. "We saw how well Snuggie did. So we had a shot," said Galganski. The buzz [...]

Even the best inventions don’t get to the market OVERNIGHT.

In any industry around the world it takes time to get a new invention to the market. Some inventors license their inventions to other companies and some bring the product to market themselves, but in both cases, it takes time. The invention business is not a get rich quick overnight scheme.  If one company says no to your invention then just keep going.  Persistence pays off! At New Product Consulting we help in all aspects of the industry. We can [...]


We are pleased to announce that NPC has been accepted into the Better Business Bureau’s accredited business program!! We strive hard to make sure our clients are given a top quality service. To be considered, one of the requirements is to make it through one year as a company and every day NPC has become stronger and stronger. Thank you to all of our clients, we have had exciting developments in the last few months and all that work has [...]

How Long Will It Take For My Invention To Be Reviewed By Potential Licensees?

Licensing is a great way to get your product to the market without all the risk and expense of going it alone.  Companies pay millions of dollars every year in royalties to inventors and product developers.  One question I get often when it comes to licensing is, "How long will it take for the potential licensee to review my invention?"  The answer is, "It depends on the potential licensee you are submitting your invention to." Every potential licensee has their [...]

How Important Is The Category Your Inventing In?

The category your inventing in can be extremely important to consider.  Especially if you are considering licensing your idea to an outside source.  There’s no perfect industry but you should be aware of what you’re getting into.   Certain categories like the toy industry or novelty gifts industry are more open to outside submissions than others.     The toy industry has been working with independent inventors for many decades, and is quite comfortable with the concepts of open innovation and licensing.  [...]

Invention Being Reviewed by Black & Decker and John Deere

Good luck to New Product Consulting clients Debra S. and Terry W. !  We are happy to announce that Black & Decker and John Deere are both reviewing The Hands Free Lawnmower for potential product licensing opportunities.   After obtaining protection for the idea and producing a virtual prototype the idea is finally in the hands of some potential licensees.  Good luck!  We hope they like it as much as we all do! For assistance with developing, protecting or marketing your own invention idea [...]

New Product Consulting Client Attends Shark Tank Casting Call

New Product Consulting would like to wish lots of luck to one of our clients, Curtis B. of Texas, as he attends the casting call for Shark Tank this weekend to try for a spot on the show.  We have spent all week preparing Curtis for this opportunity.  Good Luck Curtis!  We know you will do great! Shark Tank is a reality television series that premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009.   The series stars five "Sharks"—multi-millionaire business tycoons—who hear investment proposals [...]

Features of the Provisional Patent Application

The Provisional Patent Application program through the United States Patent Trademark Office offers many advantages for inventors.  Some of these features included below are from their website. FEATURES Provides simplified filing with a lower initial investment with 12 months to assess the invention’s commercial potential before committing to higher cost of filing and prosecuting a non-provisional application for patent. Establishes official United States patent application filing date for the invention. Permits authorized use of “Patent Pending” notice for 12 months [...]

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