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A Few Sharks Get Super Stuck On A Product!

Eric Child and Spencer Quinn walked into Shark Tank to pitch FiberFix. They claim their product, which is a super-strong tape, is one hundred times stronger than duct tape. FiberFix is water proof and can fix anything from pipes to windows. It is cold and heat-resistant, non-toxic, and it dries in minutes. Eric and Spencer asked for $90,000 for 10% equity in their company. They handed out their product to the Sharks and said they’ve sold over $100,000 in the [...]

Breathometer catches the breath of all 5 Sharks on Shark Tank!

Season 5 is kicking off to some staggering numbers and shattered records. The second episode that aired last Friday set the record of the first time all 5 SHARKS made a single deal together on Shark Tank. It was for a good reason and a great product which can help prevent drunk driving. Charles Michael Yim walked into SHARK TANK as the inventor and CEO of Breathometer which can transform your smartphone into a breathalyzer within seconds. Once a small [...]

Coffee Cooling Invention a hit on Shark Tank!

Coffee Joulies Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson walked into Shark Tank to pitch their recent coffee cooling innovation. They asked for $150,000 for 5% equity of their company, making their company evaluation $3 million. Their invention is, Coffee Joulies, a stainless-steel bean filled with a "proprietary phase-change material" that instantly cools coffee to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and then keeps it at that temperature for hours. The Dave’s presented the Sharks with thermoses filled with coffee and Coffee Joulies. [...]