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Shark Tanks Picks Up Some Tipsy Sweaters!

Shark Tank aired last Friday with a Holiday Themed episode and the big winners of the night were the owners of, Tipsy Elves. Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton confessed that they had gotten a little tipsy one night and decided to design the most visually offensive Ugly Christmas Sweaters ever made. They walked in front of the Sharks asking for $100,000 for a 25% stake in the company. The funny and tasteless holiday sweaters give consumers an option without resorting [...]

Interior Car Invention gets deal on Shark Tank

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon invented the Drop Stop to help solve the problem of losing things in between your car seat and center console. They walked into Shark Tank claiming to have sold at least 150,000 units thus far. The Drop Stop is basically a car seat gap filler that will catch anything before it gets lost under your seat and seems to disappear sometimes never to be found again. The issue was whether or not [...]

The Sharks Cozy up with Cozy Bug Pillowcase Dresses

Aly Lessor invented the Cozy Bug pillowcase dresses which grow with kids. She walked into Shark Tank offering $50,000 in exchange for 25% equity in her company. In the months leading up to the show, she has done online sales of $300,000 within 30 days time. Cozy Bug is the perfect product for the Sharks. The clothes are designed to be adjusted to make room for changing body sizes making them perfect for growing children. Cozy Bug carries a wide [...]

The Sharks take a bite into Healthy Peanut Butter on Shark Tank

Nut’s N More is the brainchild of Neil Cameron, Dennis Iannotti, and Peter Ferreira . Their tasty products double the protein of regular peanut butter and almond butter which is breaking into many health food stores. They walked into the Shark Tank asking for $250,000 for a 20% equity in their company. This put the initial valuation at $1,250,000 for the health nut business which is a lot for only having $100,000 in sales in less than a year. The [...]

Sound Bender is music to the Sharks on Shark Tank!

Moshe Weiss walked into Shark Tank asking for a $54,000 investment for 26% equity in his company with a product called Sound Bender. The Sound Bender is a powerless iPad accessory that amplifies the sound by several times. You simply connect the power bender to any iPad device with built-in magnet's and it bends the sound from the back and directly amplifies it to the front for a dramatic increase in sound. Lucky for Moshe, he had the Sharks laughing and having a good [...]

An Afghanistan Vet makes a deal on Shark Tank!

Rob Dyer walked into Shark Tank to pitch his energy drink shot, Ruck Pack Combat Nutrition. Ruck Pack is the world's first peak performance nutrition shot. It was designed and tested by Special Ops forces. It's caffeine-free which is important for those in military combat. Rob asked the Sharks for a $75,000 investment for 10% equity in his company. He is a Major in the Marine Corps and created the shot while he was deployed in Afghanistan. After returning state [...]

Protein Water satisfies Shark on Shark Tank

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Tania Patruno walked into Shark Tank with two-time Super Bowl champion and San Francisco 49ers’ running back Brandon Jacobs. Tania pitched her company, Pro-NRG, which is an all-natural hydrating protein water enhanced with vitamin B12. She offered the Sharks $250K for 15% equity in her company. Pro-NRG is packed full of great nutrients for your body. It comes in five flavors including pomegranate, watermelon, grape, berry and citrus. Tania explained she has sold $126K in [...]

Back 9 Dips does a Double Dip on Shark Tank!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Every Friday, Shark Tank features five self-made investors seeking to invest in product ideas people pitch on the show. If multiple Sharks believe the product has potential they bid against each other for the right to invest. David & Nique Mealey’s, Back 9 Dips is a perfect chip and dip company for sports fans. Their products are dip creations with buffalo chicken inside. It is a protein-based dip. Right away, Kevin O’Leary laughed himself to [...]

Rock Band Bracelets make some noise on Shark Tank!

Lee Dahlberg walked into Shark Tank to pitch his bracelets and brand called Rock Band. Rock Bands are essentially a leather bracelet with exotic stones. The stones have sleek designs and healing properties. The most noticeable aspect is the unique and natural work of art each piece holds. The brand is the name, Rock Band, dealing specifically with clothing and jewelry. As an extra bonus, Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” gave a small speech as Lee [...]

Attention all inventors, Shark Tank starts back up Friday!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Season 3 made TV history, with the Sharks offering over $6.2 million of their own money in investment deals to bankroll innovative entrepreneurs and inventors. Season 4 is set to be even bigger. The Shark Tank Investors are entrepreneurs turned investors who will latch on to a great pitch or rip you apart if your idea is not worthy Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of HDNet and outspoken owner of the 2010-2011 NBA championship Dallas Mavericks, returns as [...]

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