25 year old inventor raises over 10 million dollars on Kickstarter!

Eric Migicovsky had a simple goal when he signed up for Kickstarter. To raise $100,000 for his invention. Today, he has raised over 10 million with almost 70,000 backers donating. The product is called Pebble, a watch that pairs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth to make watches more functional than ever before. The watch is […] Read More

Do you need money for your invention? This could be your answer!

Peerbackers is an online crowdfunding platform.  What is a crowdfunding platform?  A crowdfunding platform is a way to raise money to meet a funding goal using “Backers” to give contributions in exchange for rewards or perks. This program helps raise capital so you can take your idea to the next level. Friends, family and even strangers can […] Read More