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Country singer John Rich joins Chord Buddy!

Last season on Shark Tank, Travis appeared with his invention the Chord Buddy seeking $125,000 for 10% equity in his business.  Chord Buddy is a two month guitar instruction system. The base kit comes with the Chord Buddy, Instruction book, DVD, a 2 month lesson plan and a song book with over 100 songs. He originally invented the product to teach his daughter how to play guitar. Travis made a deal with Robert because he’s also a family man for $175,000 [...]

The invention Chord Buddy becomes an instant hit on “Shark Tank”

The economy can’t stop the Chord Buddy, an invention that hit it big overnight. Inventor Travis Perry‘s main goal was to create a device to teach his daughter how to play guitar. His next goal was to create more jobs in the United States and will be handling all of the manufacturing here. The Chord Buddy is a device that can help anyone play the guitar. It fits over the strings with buttons you hit to play a chord. Travis [...]