The Sharks take a ride with KaZAM Bikes

Mary Beth Lugo walked into Shark Tank with her new product KaZAM BIKES. She invented a balancing bike for young kids which doesn’t have training wheels and is pedal-less. Interesting, no pedals or training wheels. The bike has been proven to work and she brought two kids along to prove it. Mary also has a […] Read More

The Sharks take a bite into Healthy Peanut Butter on Shark Tank

Nut’s N More is the brainchild of Neil Cameron, Dennis Iannotti, and Peter Ferreira . Their tasty products double the protein of regular peanut butter and almond butter which is breaking into many health food stores. They walked into the Shark Tank asking for $250,000 for a 20% equity in their company. This put the […] Read More

Protein Water satisfies Shark on Shark Tank

Tania Patruno walked into Shark Tank with two-time Super Bowl champion and San Francisco 49ers’ running back Brandon Jacobs. Tania pitched her company, Pro-NRG, which is an all-natural hydrating protein water enhanced with vitamin B12. She offered the Sharks $250K for 15% equity in her company. Pro-NRG is packed full of great nutrients for your […] Read More

Rock Band Bracelets make some noise on Shark Tank!

Lee Dahlberg walked into Shark Tank to pitch his bracelets and brand called Rock Band. Rock Bands are essentially a leather bracelet with exotic stones. The stones have sleek designs and healing properties. The most noticeable aspect is the unique and natural work of art each piece holds. The brand is the name, Rock Band, […] Read More