Have you ever wondered who created those great games and toys that we have all come to love? You see the company names on the box but rarely, if ever, do you see the name of the person who created the idea.

Some of the biggest hit toys like Cabbage Patch Dolls, Super Soakers and board games such as Uno, Trivial Pursuit and Candyland weren’t created by in-house thinkers at the big toy companies. They were created by independent inventors, who later sold or licensed their ideas.

What’s the secret of success in the toy industry? One major toy inventor says, “Ninety percent is the marketing of it — getting it together, getting it out. The other ten percent is keeping a close watch on pop culture and social trends for inspiration.”

Licensees range from Hasbro and Mattel to General Foods and Proctor & Gamble. If you or anyone you know has a great new toy invention idea, please contact us at New Product Consulting.