The first product search was so overwhelming with responses, why not conduct a second? SkyMall is doing just that. Exposed to 1.6 million travelers each day, SkyMall is filled with the latest consumer products spanning nearly every category.

If your idea soars above the rest, Edison Nation will invest up to $1 million to get it there. Below are a few questions SkyMall answered about the contest:

Q. With so many categories, could you share what your top selling categories & items are?

A. Home related products, Pet products, Electronics

Q. If you had to choose three categories you would most like to expand upon, what would they be?

A. Unique pet products, unique electronic items

Q. What is your best-selling consumer price range?

A. $50 to $100

Q. Does your customer base skew towards one gender over the other?

A. Our customer base is slightly more female, but we are much more male-oriented than most mail order catalogs.

Q. What is your longest running product?

A. The Hammacher Turkish Robe. It launched in the book in 1991.

Q. What is the average sized package that is shipped to SkyMall customers?

A. The average order size is about $120.

Now is the time to get the ball rolling because April 16th, 2012 is the deadline. If you or anyone you know has a great idea for SkyMall and needs help with the submission process, contact us at New Product Consulting.