Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

Peanut butter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shark Tank can be a gold mine for entrepreneurs and inventors who present various business ideas and inventions to the “Sharks.” Each presenter offers a stake of their company for an investment in hopes of landing a deal.

In the latest episode, two young inventors offer the “Sharks” 10% of their company Wild Squirrel Nut Butter for $50,000.  Keeley and Erika are University of Oregon juniors and co-founders of the company which is currently selling peanut butter here and they’re getting them on store shelves in Oregon.

Wild Squirrel Nut Butter has a variety of flavors including Chocolate Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, Vanilla Espresso, Chocolate Sunflower Seed and Honey Pretzel. Each one has a unique blend of flavors which all of the “Sharks” thought were delicious. In the end, Barbara Corcoran made a deal with the girls for a 40% stake in the company with a $50,000 investment.

The series is produced by Mark Burnett jointly with Sony and has been in comparison to the ABC series American Inventor. If you or anyone you know needs help getting their product off the ground, please contact us at New Product Consulting.