Patent Search Services

Why Perform a Patent Search?

Filing a patent is a time-consuming and pricey process. Any patent application too similar to an existing patent will be rejected, wasting the applicant's time and money. To avoid this, patent applicants can invest in patent search services to determine whether or not any pre-existing patents match their new invention too closely. A patent search should be the first step a new inventor takes in order to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid legally infringing on other patents

When performing a patent search consider these tips:

  • Learn the abilities of your chosen search engine. Whether you're using Google Patent Search, the USPTO website, or another database, be aware of its limitations. Determine how far back its records go, how quickly it adds newly accepted patents, and whether it's lacking records in certain classifications.
  • Learn to use the search engine's tools. Use 'query by example.' Search engines can use a sample patent, pull search information from it, and develop a query that will locate similar documents.
  • Every patent with similar art on file receives a reference citation linking it to past patents. Those cited patents are also updated with forward-reference citations. Use those references to find related patents.
Patent Search Services

The patent process includes:

  • Documenting invention and the invention process
  • Assessing invention's qualification for a patent
  • Determining invention's commercial potential
  • Searching for prior art and existing patents
  • Developing the patent application
  • Filing all materials within deadlines
  • Our Patent Search Services

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