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Tania Patruno walked into Shark Tank with two-time Super Bowl champion and San Francisco 49ers’ running back Brandon Jacobs. Tania pitched her company, Pro-NRG, which is an all-natural hydrating protein water enhanced with vitamin B12. She offered the Sharks $250K for 15% equity in her company.

Pro-NRG is packed full of great nutrients for your body. It comes in five flavors including pomegranate, watermelon, grape, berry and citrus. Tania explained she has sold $126K in products in three months as Brandon Jacobs explained that it helped him play in the NFL.

Robert took a sample of the drink and thought it tasted like chemicals to him. Mark knew it was a workout compliment and realized that the hard part was trying to get past the novelty of the product. Barbara didn’t understand what the product was; the message was too confusing for her.

In the end, Daymond offered $250K for 30% stake in the company which Tania agreed to. If you or anyone you know needs help with their new invention idea, please contact us at New Product Consulting.