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Stove Stone

Stove Stone

Make your kitchen shine with Stove Stone!
Stove Stone is made from molded volcanic pumice, a carefully
calibrated light abrasive ideal for cleaning stubborn messes off hard
surfaces, such as steel, porcelain, and stone.



It’s slow work removing dirt and grease from counters and stovetops with a sponge. Stove Stone quickly cuts through stuck on spills without harsh chemicals or cleansers. Featuring a comfortable handle made of naturally antibacterial, sustainable bamboo, Stove Stone easily maneuvers into tight
corners and small spots, while keeping your hands clean.


Bring the sparkle back to your stove with Stove Stone!

  • Molded volcanic pumice is ideal for gently
    and naturally cleaning hard surfaces
  • A powerful magnet in the handle makes it
    easy to exchange fresh cleaning stones
  • Naturally antibacterial, sustainable
    bamboo handle



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