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Lock Pulley

Lock Pulley

Never rappel again without a Lock Pulley When using a hook adjustable positioning lanyard assembly to rappel down, it can be very difficult to pull yourself up to your original position. With Lock Pulley you can easily and quickly hoist yourself up with ease.



Lock Pulley features a friction lock that grips your lanyard to ensure you don’t slide down while using the attached pulley to climb back up The open-ended design can attach quickly to your lanyard at any point, sliding up easily without needing to release the friction lock from the rope and allowing for one-handed operation. Lock Pulley makes it simple for any climber to lift themselves to their original position after rappelling down no matter where they are hanging from.


Allows climbers to easily pull themselves up after rappelling down

  • Works in conjunction with a lanyard assembly
  • Pulley secured to friction lock with a rivet
  • Saves time while providing effortless motion
  • Easily attaches to an existing assembly
  • One-handed use leaves one hand free for hand holds or tools
  • Created by Angel Sosa Patent Pending


Stay safe in the sky! Lock Pulley is in development and we are currently looking for qualified licensees to help bring this effort-reducing product to the market.




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