Shark Tank is a reality television series that premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009.   The series stars five “Sharks”—multi-millionaire business tycoons—who hear investment proposals from entrepreneurs/inventors and consider whether to invest in the business ideas.

Shark Tank is a great opportunity for inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs.  They have access to millions of dollars in capital that can help take an idea from concept to success.  After much research New Product Consulting has developed a very professional approach to submitting your invention idea to Shark Tank.

We recently worked with Inventor Kim C. of Missouri to protect and prepare her invention idea, The Glove Detector, to be submitted to Shark Tank.  After obtaining a provisional patent application and preparing some professional 3D renderings to demonstrate her invention to potential investors we have submitted the idea to the show.  We are very excited for this opportunity for Kim and are hoping the investors like her invention as much as we do.

If you have an invention idea you would like to submit to ABC’s Shark Tank please visit us at New Product Consulting and fill out the brief form.