New Product Consulting has recently launched “The Sila Pouch” to the market.  Inventor Kristina R. of Montana is a mother who has developed and/or created a new product invention.

The inspiration for this invention came from the inventor’s everyday activities dealing with her child.  It allows a mother to carry wetwipes and diapers in a single unit while keeping wetwipes moist and easily accessible.

The unit consists of two separate compartments.  The first compartment consists of a pocket with an elastic closure to hold multiple diapers.  The second compartment is waterproof with a magnetic closure designed to hold wetwipes and keep them moist.  The magnetic closure ensures easy access for use while being secure to prevent the compartment from opening while not in use.  The unit also includes a small strap to slide around the wrist for carrying purposes and can be personally designed in whatever style the buyer may want.

The Sila Pouch can be purchased by visiting or contacting Brian Hardison of New Product Consulting at 1-888-680-4869.

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