We are pleased to announce that NPC has been accepted into the Better Business Bureau’s accredited business program!! We strive hard to make sure our clients are given a top quality service. To be considered, one of the requirements is to make it through one year as a company and every day NPC has become stronger and stronger. Thank you to all of our clients, we have had exciting developments in the last few months and all that work has finally paid off through joining the B.B.B.

The top product scouts, developers and experts in the field are all saying right now is a time of “OPEN INNOVATION” when most companies out there accept new ideas. With many industries moving so fast these companies don’t want to be left behind so they need to literally, open their doors, to new ideas.

If you or anyone you know has an invention idea and wants to go with a company they can trust to help get their idea to the market please contact us at New Product Consulting.