New Product Consulting is proud to announce the new and improved Smart Diaper.  Inventor Pamela Wayne is a mother and grandmother who has come up with a new invention design for diapers.  Pamela has come up with many inventions in the past and she feels this invention could really benefit babies as well as toddlers and adults.

The concept is to let people know when there is a dirty diaper for babies, toddlers and adults.  It can be used in nursing homes, hospitals, day cares and at home.  A chip the size of a rice grain will be in the diaper and there will be a receiver box that can be recorded with whatever you need to say telling the nurse at the nurses station that Jack Smith in room 309 needs to be changed.  Or in a day care, with the babies name, I’m Hailey Heuser and my diaper is dirty. This will keep caretakers on top of things and better health for users.  The box can also be set to have a flashing light not to disturb anyone. The box will be sold separately and work will all diapers. The box will be small enough to fit in your purse, diaperbag , etc.  The box will come with a rechargeable base, 3 to 4 colors sold in stores and different colors sold online.

A virtual reality demonstration of the invention can be viewed at the New Product Consulting facebook page at!/video/video.php?v=177609772290770

The Smart Diaper is currently available for licensing.  For more information on The Smart Diaper or for help with your own invention idea please visit us at New Product Consulting!