When it comes to a mastery of the basic educational elements, statistics these days show some troubling trends.  Kids are having a harder time than ever mastering even the basics of mathematics.

Luckily, there’s The Math Maze Game System® that makes learning math fun!  Everyone needs mastery of foundation math skills. The Math Maze Game was developed because it not only helps kids to learn the essential math skills they need, but ensures that those skills are more likely to remain with them long-term.

This game includes 3 Mathematics Function Bars® Whole number cards only. The game system allows players to focus on inverse mathematical operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game can be played with any of the three (MFB) s. Starter game sets accommodate 2 to 6 players.  Decks may be combined to accommodate additional players.

Math Maze is currently being used by the Los Angeles Unified School District, Inglewood Unified School District, and many others. Additionally the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the U.S. Navy and before, and After School Programs also use the Math Maze game in their enrichment programs.

This year Math Maze game tournaments will be hosted by the Los Angeles and Inglewood Unified School Districts. These tournaments are being sponsored by local area banks.

Offered with a series of game choices, and skill levels, Math Maze is an affordable and entertaining new approach to building foundational math skills. Every child should have this game to learn math or brush up on their math skills. If you would like to purchase or license the Math Maze Game, please contact New Product Consulting.