ChordBuddy keeps playing the strings to America’s heart. Every day, Travis and his company seem to be growing exponentially since his appearance on “Shark Tank” with ChordBuddy. After the show, New Product Consulting was so impressed with the product we bought one.

This is a follow-up email we received to let us know how progress was going:

Dear ChordBuddy Supporters,

Just want to take a minute and let you know where we are at the ChordBuddy plant. I now know the meaning of “growing pains.” Never in a MILLION years did I think we would have this number of sales from appearing on Shark Tank. To be honest, I was praying for 3k and secretly hoping for just 1k… BOY was I wrong! We are now well past 10k in ChordBuddies sold.

For several months before airing on Shark Tank, I reached out to other people who had previously appeared on Shark Tank to pick their brains on site traffic, units sold, phone calls, emails and so on.   We were led to believe from this data that 4500 ChordBuddies and about 200 ChordBuddy Combos would be more than enough. Wrong!!!! To date we have almost tripled that amount. Also prior to Shark Tank, we were a five person operation (that’s it!) including yours truly.

So, where are we now? Sadly many of you have still not received your orders, and this is the “pain” part of the “growing pains” because I feel so badly that we have let many of you down. I wish I had a crystal ball that would have let me know how many ChordBuddies to have on hand. All the delays have not been our fault directly, but we still have to take ownership of them. I know many of you are frustrated, but not nearly as frustrated as I am that you don’t have your orders in hand.

In closing, thanks so much for believing in me and in ChordBuddy. Here’s to all of you who will be playing music soon!

Thank you,

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar in no time? Just click here to purchase the ChordBuddy. If you or anyone you know has the next “Big Idea” and needs help applying for “Shark Tank”, please contact us at New Product Consulting.