Jukz are sandal-flip flops that have sports balls as their insoles. The flip flops and slides combine comfort and style with the excitement of your favorite sports. They are green-recyclable materials, made in USA and sports fan oriented. The product has a comfortable design that is not a regular “flat flip flop” which makes this product unique to any shoe on the market today.

Jukz is also making headway with consumers through licensing. The company currently has a deal in place with Notre Dame. It’s also working with several Texas schools, including TCU and SMU.

According to founder Johnny Delavaldene, the company is perfectly positioned to make a major splash. “We’re different from everyone else out there,” he says. “You can wear your sport!” He also said the plan is to pursue all licensing options, including pro sports.

Jukz combine a few simple ideas to create a never before seen product. Every fan will be trying to get a pair with their team logo on them. If you or anyone you know has a great sports idea, please contact us at New Product Consulting.