English: Image of a pet rock

How in 1975, did Gary Dahl , launch and make 15 million dollars in six months with the Pet Rock? Today that would be estimated at $56,166,419. It all comes down to one word. Marketing.

First, Dahl imported the rocks from beaches in Baja, California, Mexico. Then he came up with the brilliant packaging containing a “Pet Training Manual” and a card board box, designed like a pet carrier. This allowed for the Pet Rock to really bond with the consumer’s humorous side by showing how to teach his new unusual pet how to do things like sit and play dead.

The product was merely a rock that Dahl made into a comical idea which basically marketed itself. Each pet rock was purchased for a few pennies and Dahl estimated that the packaging and accompanying manual cost him under 30 cents per rock in bulk to produce.

People still name and pet their rocks like live pets even today. If you or anyone one you know has an invention idea, please contact us at New Product Consulting.