Our experts can help you research, design, engineer, patent, prototype, manufacture, and market your invention ideas.  Our simple and affordable process gives you the opportunity to pursue your inventions for a fraction of the cost of most product development firms.

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    This will provide you with valuable information to determine the size of the market, competition and uncover any unique features.

    Our patent partners can help you draft and file patent applications to protect your inventions.

    We have engineers that can perform research into your concept to help make sure your product concept is feasible and practical.

    Nothing sells a product better than putting your hands on a physical representation of your product.

    Designing and developing your idea into a product is an important step towards seeing it realized in the market.

    Marketing materials are used to advertise or market a product or company. We help with websites, brochures, flyers, and more

    About New Product Consulting

    New Product Consulting is one of the leading product development companies in the US. Our products have sold in Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Lowe’s, and many other retailers. Based in Boulder, Colorado our mission is to provide affordable services to inventors and entrepreneurs.

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