In these rough economic times, a lot of women have a hard time getting a small business loan for their startup. That is why Huggies, a Kimberly-Clark brand, created the Mom Inspired Grant Program which awards moms $15,000 to develop their original invention ideas and startup businesses.

Beginning in the late spring, Huggies will open their application period for two months. A committee reviews each submission with many factors in mind. Is it an original and creative invention idea? Does it solve a parental issue? Is it commercially viable? What stage of development is it in?

The program was born two years ago when Kimberly-Clark felt the need to tap into the mom invention ideas out there. Since then, twenty-one moms have become recipients of the Mom Inspired $15,000 grant.

In the “open innovation” age, major companies are creating more and more opportunities for inventors out there. If you or anyone you know has a new invention idea you would like to submit to Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program, please contact us at New Product Consulting.