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iOptik  is a set of contact lenses that turns the wearer’s field of vision into a screen. Each contact lens has two embedded nanofilters. An outer filter lets in light from the outside world; an inner filter lets in images from projectors mounted on the arms of a pair of glasses. The combination gives the user an augmented-reality view.

Randy Sprague was taking a shower when he came up with contact lenses that could act as part of a wearable display. Users could instantly augment their view with information or transform their field of vision into a virtual videogame screen.

They are not available for sale just yet. Sprague says his invention will be ready for FDA testing by the spring of 2014, and he is currently in talks with electronics companies interested in licensing it.

iOptik was one of 10 products awarded at the Popular Science event which takes place annually. If you or anyone you know has a great idea or invention and needs help, please contact us at New Product Consulting.