In today’s day and age, regular old dolls are a part of the past. Technology has come a long way for toys and innovation is the new key. Dolls and plastic or plush characters today stand up, walk, dance, flip, cry and grow hair.

At Fisher-Price, they understand that kids have higher and higher expectations for toys with interactive and entertaining qualities which propel them into a must have item. There is a whole new generation of tech-savvy children out there who spawned almost overnight and Fisher-Price is calling on independent inventors for ideas to cater to them.

Concepts will receive priority consideration if they demonstrate a working mechanism via video or a prototype. Ideas should have interactive attributes and content to keep children engaged and coming back for more. Selected ideas will receive a $2,500 minimum advance on 20 years percentage of sales or buyout. Fisher-Price will also split the royalties 50/50.

Companies can’t keep up with the constant movement of technology and need independent inventors to help them come up with new ideas. If you or anyone you know needs help submitting to the Fischer-Price contest, please contact us at New Product Consulting.