Take “Shark Tank” and flip it upside down and see what falls out, that is what Discovery Channel’s new TV show “Top Engineer” is all about. Casting is going on now until March 7th, 2012 for all inventors, techies, machinists and engineers to design and build their way to a Grand Prize.

If you or anyone you know has an outgoing personality and is able to design, build, test and integrate an idea into a final working product then step up to the challenge. Especially, if you are a visual effects expert, accomplished home shop machinist, contractor and engineer with backgrounds in electrical, civil, structural or mechanical engineering.

This is going to be a fun and creative show where you can see ideas come to fruition on camera. The challenges are going to be exciting as prototypes will be built overnight. If you or anyone you know needs help submitting for casting on “Top Engineer” please contact New Product Consulting.