The Provisional Patent Application program through the United States Patent Trademark Office offers many advantages for inventors.  Some of these features included below are from their website.


  • Provides simplified filing with a lower initial investment with 12 months to assess the invention’s commercial potential before committing to higher cost of filing and prosecuting a non-provisional application for patent.
  • Establishes official United States patent application filing date for the invention.
  • Permits authorized use of “Patent Pending” notice for 12 months in connection with the description of the invention.
  • Begins the Paris Convention priority year.
  • Enables immediate commercial promotion of invention with greater security against having the invention stolen.
  • Permits applicant(s) to obtain USPTO certified copies.
  • Provides for submission of additional inventor names by petition if omission occurred without deceptive intent (deletions are also possible by petition

This program can be a great step for inventors to take before filing a non provisional patent.  It can save you thousands of dollars in wasted patent fees if your idea doesn’t generate the interest you were hoping.

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