Halo U

Halo U allows you to connect in person, projecting your image into the air in real time. Make a big impression over big distances and close the gap between you and your audience.

Discuss your projects using True Imagery, allowing for ease of collaboration and true visual communication!

Halo U can increase productivity and reduce travel time, allowing professionals to participate in real time remotely. Halo U has great potential in the medical, industrial and design disciplines and countless others!

Get Face to Face with your sweetheart!

Now you can really see the presence of your loved ones wherever you are. Download fun holographic add on features. How about some big red cartoon lips? or some floppy bunny ears on your real time projection!

Never Miss Another Holiday!

Imagine, sending your Christmas presents back home and being able to be in the room with family and seeing the surprise on their face as they open your gifts.

How to get involved . . .

Halo U is the next evolution of communication and we want you to go on this journey with us. Halo U is currently in patent pending but there is more development to be done. We are looking for the right partners to help us bring in-air projection to life, and into people’s homes, businesses, classrooms and theaters.

For more information please contact:
New Product Consulting
Sam House
Head of Marketing & Development
c: 720-633-6973
Melissa Elrod
Project Manager
c: 303-828-7213
f: 888-680-4869