Driveway Heat

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows about shoveling driveways and walkways, laying down salt, slipping on ice and trying to pull the car up into a slick driveway after a fresh snow. The first snow of the season can be fun, and after that, it quickly becomes a chore.  Especially around your property, when not keeping up with the ice can mean a dangerous fall for you or a loved one. If you own a business that can be a huge liability.

Driveway Heat is the solution. It’s a durable heated fabric that covers walkways and driveways to prevent snow build up and to melt away snow and ice under the mat. It conveniently stows away into a box installed at ground level at the top of the driveway. When needed it can be deployed with the flip of a switch or touch of a button on a smart phone. The Driveway Heat System also features auxiliary mats for walkways and patios that plug directly into the driveway mat, so your covered from your front door to your car door.

What is It?

Driveway Heat is a heated mat system, similar to an electric blanket. It is weatherproof and durable, with a surface that can be custom printed with a multitude of designs. When there is snow and ice coming down, Driveway Heat covers your driveway and walkways with a heated fabric that melts away slippery snow and ice. It can be deployed using a touchscreen control within the house, from a smartphone connected to your home network, or manually with a common electrical switch.

How it Works

Driveway Heat is composed of a heating element within the fabric that warms the material and the surface of your driveway or walkway. When turned on the resistance in the wires generates radiant heat. The mat when not in use is spooled in a box that is installed at the top of your driveway. The stowage box is covered with a grate to maintain an even surface. The end of the mat has a durable metal bar that tucks in to a recessed opening on the front edge of the stowage box. This bar provides a handle for manual deployment of the mat, and keeps the surface taught.

For automatic deployment a second smaller box is installed at the bottom of the driveway. This box contains an electric motor and spool with a tow cable that runs the length of the driveway and attaches to the mat. When Driveway Heat is activated the motor pulls the mat over the driveway and into position, covering the length of the driveway, a second control turns the heating element on, melting snow and ice away without you having to do more than lift a finger, literally.

For additional coverage with the Driveway Heat system, auxiliary mats can be added to cover walkways, patios and extended sections of the driveway. These can plug directly into the primary heating mat in series to provide continuous power, allowing you to place as many mats as needed to cover your space.

Additional Features

With the continued advancement of home software systems, often referred to as the Internet of Things, more and more appliances are offering networked capabilities and remote access to important features. With Driveway Heat you will be able to deploy and turn on your system remotely at the first sign of snow. Think of it, you’re at work and it’s getting close to closing time, an hour before you’re scheduled to leave the snow is coming down, fast! No worries, you have Driveway Heat, you take out your smartphone, access your home network and turn Driveway Heat on. When you arrive at your house, the driveway is clear of snow, you just push a button to have Driveway Heat retract into it’s stowed position and pull into your driveway or garage. No shoveling, no sliding, greatly reducing the possibility of personal injury.  Driveway Heat can also be used at business, public buildings, schools, churches, anywhere that people walk and gather!

How to Get Involved

Driveway Heat has been developed by independent inventor, Rufus Archer. He’d love to get this great idea off of these pages and out to consumers everywhere. This potentially lucrative idea is currently in patent pending status in the US and we are looking for a licensee that can take the concept to reality.

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