The answer is of course: yes. It is absolutely understandable that inventors need good quality patent work.

What does quality mean in case of patents? It covers a wide range of factors, including how straightforward the patenting process is and your satisfaction during patenting your invention. Those, who help you should be well trained and informed with the most up-to-date technological and legal changes to ensure correct invention description, protect inventors’ rights and, of course, the effectiveness of the patent processes should be measurable. This is what the USPTO calls Enhanced Patent Initiative.

To achieve all these aims, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has initiated a summit. It will first take place on 25-26 March, at the centre of USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia. The meeting is open to the public: the leaders of the organization are inviting patent prosecutors, litigators, applicants, licensees and all those who are interested in the USPTO’s patent quality improvement work.

The website of the Federal Register provides you more details about the event and contact information, should you decide to participate in the meeting. The blog of USPTO will give you updates about Enhanced Patent Initiative and the summit’s results.

Information source: USPTO

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