Mihail has recently been in touch with a company that is very interested in pursuing his product, Gyro Push-Ups.  They are currently performing research to decide whether to market them as a two minute commercial spot or a longer infomercial.  Everyone agrees that the Gyro Push-Ups could make for a strong DRTV item. (Direct Response Television)

The company recently had this to say about his product, “The good news is that we have an excellent off-shore manufacturing source, and they would likely produce the item at the lowest possible price with quality construction. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities that this product presents, but want to build on that enthusiasm with thoughtfulness and caution.  There are many things to consider in order to create a potentially successful DRTV product, and we want to lay the proper groundwork one sound step at a time.”

Finding the right company for your new invention idea is a key part of getting your product to the market.  Try to work with a company that can see your vision for your invention. If you or anyone you know needs help finding companies that fit perfectly with your ideas please contact us at New Product Consulting.