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A New Website That Connects People In The Boating World!

The owners and managers of Boating Friends List realized that there was a need to connect people in the world of boating. Most people who have boats just didn’t use them enough. There are about 1,000,000 registered boats in Florida and it seems that they were not used enough. Nationwide there 70 million people who like boating and 13 million registered boats. There are many uses for boats which include short cruises, extended trips, fishing, parties. Their new service connects [...]

What Inventors Need to Know About Patent Trolls!

Recently, a federal judge has ruled that Google must pay a percentage of their revenues to a tiny company that purchased a group of patents originally filed by Lycos. This is the very definition of a patent troll. An individual or company that uses patents solely as a way of making money from other businesses. Google is battling patent trolls on many fronts including a large conglomerate called Rockstar, which is backed by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, and others. These legal [...]

Two Sharks Cough Up Dough For Cookie Dough Cafe!

Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid, entrepreneurs and sisters, walked into Shark Tank to pitch their product and company, Cookie Dough Café. They asked the Sharks for a $50,000 investment for 20% equity in their company. The Cookie Dough Cafe is cookie dough that you can eat straight out of the container. No more are the days of having to bake cookie dough or eat it raw which is bad for you. It is gourmet cookie dough that is made to [...]

Lockerbones Locks up a Deal on Shark Tank!

Last Friday on Shark Tank was pretty exciting. Two fathers, Greg and Stephen, created an innovative product to keep student lockers organized. They own and operate LockerBones, which the product will be an instant success on Shark Tank. Lockerbones organizers divided lockers up into storage boxes for all the necessary things a student needs in their locker. Students can customize the space for large binders and various sized books, as well as make compartments for smaller items. Vertical dividers keep [...]

Shark Tanks Picks Up Some Tipsy Sweaters!

Shark Tank aired last Friday with a Holiday Themed episode and the big winners of the night were the owners of, Tipsy Elves. Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton confessed that they had gotten a little tipsy one night and decided to design the most visually offensive Ugly Christmas Sweaters ever made. They walked in front of the Sharks asking for $100,000 for a 25% stake in the company. The funny and tasteless holiday sweaters give consumers an option without resorting [...]

A Few Sharks Get Super Stuck On A Product!

Eric Child and Spencer Quinn walked into Shark Tank to pitch FiberFix. They claim their product, which is a super-strong tape, is one hundred times stronger than duct tape. FiberFix is water proof and can fix anything from pipes to windows. It is cold and heat-resistant, non-toxic, and it dries in minutes. Eric and Spencer asked for $90,000 for 10% equity in their company. They handed out their product to the Sharks and said they’ve sold over $100,000 in the [...]

A Shark takes a bite out of Ramen Rapid Cooker on Shark Tank

Shark Tank, now in its fifth season on ABC, has entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to successful business people. On Friday, Christopher Johnson walked into Shark Tank asking for $300,000 for 15% equity in his Rapid Ramen Inc. company. He’ll need to convince Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec that the company is worthy of a Shark. Johnson’s company developed and sells the Rapid Ramen Cooker, which is a microwavable tray that is supposed to [...]

Breathometer catches the breath of all 5 Sharks on Shark Tank!

Season 5 is kicking off to some staggering numbers and shattered records. The second episode that aired last Friday set the record of the first time all 5 SHARKS made a single deal together on Shark Tank. It was for a good reason and a great product which can help prevent drunk driving. Charles Michael Yim walked into SHARK TANK as the inventor and CEO of Breathometer which can transform your smartphone into a breathalyzer within seconds. Once a small [...]

Sweet Ballz Bake up Sweet Deals on the Premiere of Shark Tank!

SHARK TANK premiered its 5th season on Friday with some new statistics. They have made over 23 million in deals and created over 9,000 jobs. On the premiere, James McDonald and Cole Egger of Sweet Ballz walked in front of the SHARKS asking for $250,000 for a 10% stake in the company.  Sweet Ballz is cake shaped in the form of balls and sold in 4 packs. The cake balls are basically only sold in one store but that store [...]

Shark Tank is Premiering Next Friday!

ABC’S hit series “Shark Tank,” will be up and running again for all you inventors and small business owners out there. But, before next week they will be airing the Sharks favorite episodes everyday this week.  Marc, Lori, Daymond, Robert and Mr. Wonderful each have picked one episode. For those of you that don’t know about Shark Tank it is a  show that features a panel of potential investors, called Sharks that considers offers from contestants who are aspiring entrepreneurs [...]

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