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Provisional Patent Application: Protect your Idea!

Want to patent your invention? Better hurry! Have you come up with the next big invention?  If you plan on protecting it don’t wait or you could end up like Elisha Gray! On February 14, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent on an apparatus that could transmit speech electrically, beating out his rival, Elisha Gray, by just two hours. Never mind that Gray’s design worked better. Timing was all that mattered. When Gray later filed a lawsuit, the [...]

3D Printed Prototypes: Helping Inventors Bring New Products to Market

                  New advances in 3D printing remove many barriers from bringing products to market that prevented inventors and entrepreneurs from achieving success before. Producing prototypes and first production runs are often costly for an inventor. In the past, getting a new product to market involves taking on risk by paying for expensive tooling and materials that can drain a bank account.  Sadly, many budding entrepreneurs lost their prized savings and failed without [...]

Manufacture or License an Invention for Royalties?

I have a new invention that I’ve been working on. I’m just not sure how to actually go about producing and marketing my invention. Do I need to arrange for manufacturing on my own, which seems like a challenging process in itself, or are there other options that I can explore to manufacture or license an invention for royalties? Ultimately, after securing a patent (or patent-pending) every inventor reaches a crossroads where they need to decide how to proceed with [...]