Can you think of new inventions that would keep that garden hose in its place? How do you keep your tools or your potting soil contained? Where do you store them? What ideas have you come up with while tending to your yard, and what problems have you solved when it comes to your own outdoor space?

A major lawn and garden products company that sells into retailers nationwide is searching for new inventions. Selected ideas will receive a $2,500 minimum advance on 20 years percentage of sales or buyout. Royalties vary based upon the product but always earn industry-leading rates.

Some keys to consider when crafting your solutions:

• For hose reel innovations, think of a way to improve self-winding hose storage units. Or, what new methods have you concocted to hang and move hose reels?

• New innovations should be easy-to-use products that will become reliable fixtures in a person’s garden or lawn, year after year.

• The company would like to stay away from decorative solutions, and are focused on looking for innovative yet functional and practical products.

Home and gardens is a big category when it comes to inventions, new products and innovations. If you have a good idea and would like to submit to this contest, please contact us at New Product Consulting.